The smartphone market is now flooded with lots of flagship products like the HTC One X. The latest one joining is Samsung Galaxy S3. Both phones feature cutting edge technology and loaded with features. But, still there are people who prefer iPhone 4S over these new phones. In India, the Apple iPhone 4S is available for a street price of around 38,000 Rs for the 16 GB model which is quite high. Almost one year ago, I’ve written an article titled “10 reasons for not buying an iPhone 4”. Now, I’ve found 15 reasons for not buying an Apple iPhone 4S.

1. iPhone 4S is old

The iPhone 4S was released on October 2011 and now it is almost 9 months and there are many other flagship phones available. So, why should you pay a premium for an old device?

2. iPhone 5 is around the corner

The iPhone 5 is just around the corner and will be available in some months. It is said to have a completely revised design and feature a larger screen. The rumors even suggest a different aspect ratio – 16:9 instead of 3:2. So, if you buy iPhone 4S now, you’ll have an outdated phone in just 2 – 3 months. Read the rest of this entry »

Samsung’s latest flagship phone is to be released on May 29th world wide and is expected to come in India in June first week. It seems there are lot of speculations about the price as it is the most powerful smartphone at the moment. It is also packed with features like 4.8″ 720P SuperAMOLED HD screen, 8MP camera with face recognition, Smart stay (eye tracking to keep the screen on), S-voice which is Samsung’s answer to iPhone’s Siri etc.

Galaxy S3 Price – Facts vs Speculations

Yesterday, IBNLive reported that the price will be as high as 42,500 Rs (780 US $) and several blog sites continued spreading the news. However, if you read the news carefully, it is the expected price for the highest capacity model. Samsung has announced that the device will be available in 3 capacities (16 GB, 32 GB & 64 GB). But unlike iPhones or HTC One X (32GB), the Galaxy S III will have a micro SD slot and hence a 16 GB version is the most sensible choice. This means, the lowest capacity, that is the 16 GB version is to be priced around 32-35 K (assuming around 3K to 4K difference for the next higher version).
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Apple officially announced that India will get the ‘new iPad’ from April 27th. But as always it once again failed to reach the masses in India. Despite the fact that the new iPad (or iPad 3 as people say it) has a great screen and excellent graphics it is not selling in India as much as it was expected to. I can think of some reasons.

Where is the ‘new iPad’?

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Though Apple officially announced that it will be available from April 27th, this is not yet available in most cities across India. Reliance Digital store is distributing/selling the product and they have only very limited presence across the country. I’ve contacted so many dealers which were listed in Apple India’s website but they didn’t have any clue about the date when they will get stock. It was released on March 16th in US and other countries and it is almost two months after the release. Naturally the excitement dies after sometime and people won’t care about the “new” in “new iPad”.
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Galaxy S3

Samsung finally announced the Galaxy S3 and most of the rumors and speculations came true. The main hardware features are

  • 4.8″ 720P (720 x 1280 px) Super AMOLED HD display
  • 1.4 GHz quad core Exynos 4212
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 2100 mAh battery
  • 8MP Camera
  • NFC
  • Wifi b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4
The phone comes with Android 4.0.4

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You might have already heard the news about Google’s Android Market surpassing 10 billion (1000 Crores) downloads and Google is celebrating the occasion by featuring 10 premium apps daily for just 0.1$(5.13Rs) for 10 consecutive days. Well, if you’ve not heard about it, you’ve already lost two days of apps that were worth more than 2000 Rs( it is already the third day).

All of the below apps were available for just 5 Rs yesterday

All of these apps were available for just 5 Rs (0.1$)

All of these apps were available for just 5 Rs (0.1$)

Don’t miss the chance to own excellent apps for just 5 Rs. I’ve already spent just  around 75 Rs  (1.5$) and bought some great apps that costs around 1500Rs otherwise. The apps include some of the finest games and utilities.

Thanks Google for the royal celebration. Waiting for the 20 Billion downloads celebrations :)

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