Samsung Application Store Finally Supports i8910 Omnia HD

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10 Nov 2009

Finally the much awaited thing happened! When I browsed application store today and accidentally checked the supported device list, I was surprised to find I8910 Omina HD in the list. At present there are 125 applications including 26 free applications – Not a big list, but great to start with. This will surely increase the I8910 Omnia HD sales.


This will be good news to many of the I8910 Omnia HD customers who wanted something like the Nokia OVI Store. I am expecting some great applications soon.

Check Samsung Application Store

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  • yashu

    Hi.. How can I use this applications, Can I download them to PC and then transfer to mobile. I am using idea and unable to connect to internet. Can you pls tell me how can I download this without internet on mobile..

  • Suds


    I checked out the app store today and i dont see omnia i8910 HD supported. Can u assist?

  • jay

    I checked the web site today and cant see the omnia i8910 in the drop down? have they removed it from the list (i am checking at the link you gave above)


  • Bishwajit

    Can you post the link to this page ?? I am not able to find this page on Samsung Apps site

  • ishan

    no it doesnt

  • nomi

    Omnia HD is available on Italian version of app store not on UK version yet.

    Change the Current Store option on the bottom right side to Italy.

    Omnia HD will appear in the list.

  • husain

    when are samsung finally going to get their act together and offer apps for their most advanced handset. its rediculous, we have all the teck to squash the iphone but no way of using it. can you help by posting the link you found with the apps for the i8910 one it

  • Rehan

    1)I am suffering crash problems on my i8910 hd while using video player in the media folder

    2) when I tap any sis or sisx files in order to install them on the handset a window appears saying “unable to install. please install the basic package first.”

    PLEASE HELP ME OUT !!!!!!!!!!

  • USB 3G

    thank 4 share

  • Alvin

    What country did you browsed? Phils and UK does not contain i8910 HD phones

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